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Digitization Station (Digital Scholarship Centre) Capacity: 1

Digitization Station


The Digitization Station is located at the end of the Digital Scholarship Centre, in the High Performance Station location. The station is equipped with an Epson 12000XL-PH large format flatbed scanner and a high-performance iMac computer. The Epson scanner:

  • Can digitize print materials, photographs, slides, negatives;
  • Has a 12.2" x 17.2" scanning area;
  • Goes up to 2400 dpi optical resolution;
  • Transparency Unit for slide/negative batch scanning and colour/grey cards for colour balancing are available to borrow (by request).

We recommend that users bring a USB or portable hard drive to scan, as it can take a long time to upload scanned images to the cloud.

For specialized software for more advanced post-processing of digitized images (Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat Pro, etc.), visit the DSC website at this address or contact us at

Have questions or need help setting up a new digitization project? Book a consultation with Sarah Severson (Digitization Librarian).

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